High-rise Living: Discover the City from New Heights

High-rise Living: Discover the City from New Heights

High-rise Living: Discover the City from New Heights 1920 1280 GLINT - BASIS AG

Berlin locals love the skyline of their lively city, whether enjoying the rooftop terrace at a hip bar or looking out from the top level of a shopping centre. How exciting would it be to enjoy this every day? Residents of a rooftop apartment in Berlin can do exactly that. Discover what it means to experience the city from above and more on the comforts that set GLINT’s rooftop residences apart.

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The advantages of a rooftop apartment in GLINT

GLINT’s rooftop apartments offer much more than just great views. Here we’ll show you the four most outstanding benefits:

Tailor-Made Service

GLINT offers a dedicated service to custom design your rooftop apartment in Berlin.The layout can always be individually adapted to fit your personal needs. Even modifying your apartment to a maisonette is easily achievable. In order to get to the best result, our architects and designers will sit down with you in person. We can talk over the changes you wish to see and how they can best be implemented. You can start looking forward to your own loft-style rooftop apartment that measures up to 600 sqm.

Relaxation in the heart of the city

With the hustle and bustle of the city down at street level, you can enjoy the relaxing view of Berlin from the comfort of your top floor apartment. GLINT’s rooftop residents can have the best of both worlds – living at the heart of a major city while finding rest and comfort in your own private oasis. Cap off a long day by relaxing on the terrace with a glass of wine and gazing at the majestic domes of nearby Gendarmenmarkt.

Personal service

The rooftop apartments in the central complex feature a high standard of convenience. You need a recommendation for a nice restaurant or make a reservation for tickets to the State Opera? Our concierge service will take care of that. Discover even more comfort within your own apartment walls. Thanks to the latest Smart Home technology, you have all necessary facilities including lights, heating and appliances at your fingertips via a tablet or smartphone. Pass winter evenings in front of the fireplace with a loved one. In the summer, heed the call of the city and explore the streets by electric bikes, which we are happy to provide.

Combining old and new harmoniously

The charms of earlier times meet the comforts of modern living at GLINT. The four buildings are heritage listed and, through careful renovations, continue to radiate the elegance of their 19th century origins. GLINT residents can expect generously laid out apartments, modern amenities and contemporary design. You can look forward to the premium floor tiles from Cotto d’Este or the matte finish black bathroom ceramics from Italian producers, Valdama. This mix of timeless elegance and urban style that makes living in this historic complex so special.

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The rooftop apartments in detail

You are keen to experience Berlin from above? Then learn more about the unique features of GLINT’s rooftop apartments. You can choose from one of six different categories, each offering a different unique feature to suit your needs.

Apartment “G9 RT”

Whoever places great value on privacy should consider this penthouse. There’s even a separate entrance and private access to the bedroom on the sixth floor. As there are no neighbours on the same floor, you can spend the summer sunbathing undisturbed on the 55 sqm terrace. This apartment features plenty of light, with both the south-facing terrace and the bedroom including a lot of window space.

    • Flexible layout and design
    • Spacious bedroom with spa area and optional sauna facility
    • Practical storage area on the south terrace
    • Connections for an outdoor kitchen and spa bath on request
    • Expanding the space into a maisonette apartment is possible
    • Fireplace available
    • State-of-the-art air conditioning
    • Two underground parking spaces incl. power outlets with a speed-charging function and a direct private-entrance elevator to the apartment

Apartment “L25 RT”

The L25 RT apartment is the jewel of the building. This can be credited to the striking entrance area and glass dome, which offers 360 degree views of Berlin. This is panoramic living at the highest level. The reinterpreted glass design reflects the style of the entire building. Additionally, the sleek window dormers with studio glazing and the elegant glass spiral staircase evoke a light and airy feel.

    • Flexible floor plan with the neighboring apartment on over 600 sqm
    • Attractive ceiling heights (up to 4.10 m)
    • Roof terrace with east-west orientation
    • Spa area with optional sauna facility
    • Connections for outdoor kitchen and whirlpool possible
    • Upgrading as a maisonette apartment possible
    • Fireplace connection available
    • State-of-the-art air conditioning
    • Three underground parking spaces including power outlets with quick-charging functions and a direct lift to the apartment

Apartment “T23 RT”

If you like your space, you will love this penthouse, which spreads across one entire level of the new building. Here, everything is laid out generously, including the three terraces with east, south and westerly orientation. On top of this, two conservatories add to the relaxing atmosphere.This concept is continued inside the apartment in the comfortably sized bedroom and dressing area.

    • Wheelchair accessible
    • Flexible layout and design
    • Fireplace connection on request
    • State-of-the-art air conditioning
    • An underground parking space, including power outlets with fast-charging capability

Apartment “N6 RT”  

If you’re on the hunt for something particularly special, GLINT’s “N6 RT” apartment is an excellent choice. This rooftop spot is a maisonette on the fifth floor at Glinkastrasse and features direct access from the old building to the sixth floor. The lift takes you all the way up to the top floor. Once you’re in that apartment, you also have direct access to the terrace from both the living and dining area. The east-oriented bedroom has persuasively generous measurements. Additionally, the private section on the fifth floor offers an excellent relaxation area.

    • A unique penthouse/maisonette apartment on the fifth floor of the Glinkastrasse building, which connects to the existing earlier building on the sixth floor
    • Connections to the outdoor kitchen and spa bath on request
    • Fireplace available
    • State-of-the-art air conditioning
    • Unique window features
    • An underground parking space, including a fast-charging power outlets

Apartment “L26 RT”

Plenty of natural light is available in the penthouse “L26 RT” apartment. This comes down to the unique windows, which have have studio glazing. Also noteworthy is the beautiful south facing terrace, which is partially sheltered, so you can seek cover at a moment’s notice. Find out how you can enjoy the peace and quiet of this little oasis.

    • Flexible floor plan with the neighboring apartment of around over 600 sqm
    • Serviced entrance area
    • Stunning ceiling fixtures
    • Upgrading to a maisonette is possible
    • Fireplace connection available
    • Spacious living area rising to 7m high over both floors
    • State-of-the-art air conditioning
    • Two underground parking spaces with access to quick charging and direct access to the apartment.

Apartment “T22 RT”

This attractive 2-bedroom maisonette apartment impresses with its beautiful rooftop terrace and the two east-facing balconies. With a separate entrance on the seventh floor, you’ll always enjoy privacy. Additionally, the wheelchair accessible entry makes this an open and welcoming apartment for everybody.

    • Fireplace connection on request
    • State-of-the-art air conditioning
    • An underground parking space including power outlets with fast-charging capabilities

Incidentally, there is also the option of combining two of our rooftop apartments and thereby increasing floorspace by up to 600 square meters!

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Discover Berlin from above

As you’ve seen, GLINT rooftop apartments offer a number of exclusive amenities like large windows, fireplace installation, air conditioning and underground parking. That said, the most important feature is the flexible, customised apartment service awaiting future residents. At the same time these modern residences are built on a unique and historically significant foundation. As you let your gaze travel down from the rooftop over the bustling city, you’ll certainly agree: Berlin from above is definitely something special.

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