Restaurants in Berlin-Mitte: Dining out the right way

Restaurants in Berlin-Mitte: Dining out the right way

Restaurants in Berlin-Mitte: Dining out the right way 2715 1811 GLINT - BASIS AG

If you love to try new things from the culinary world, Berlin is perfect for you. The city is the undisputed leader of the German gastronomy scene. While Berlin’s 27 Michelin-starred restaurants are spread over 22 top locations, many of those are located right in Berlin-Mitte. Even unusual dining experiences are catered for. Choose from experimental restaurants with slow-food fare, enjoy your dinner in total darkness, or even combine exquisite food with performance art. The culinary diversity in Berlin is particularly impressive – whether streetfood, pop-up restaurants or award winning cuisine, variety is a priority here.

Berlin’s  international culinary influences are equally inspiring: try Attiéké, the cassava couscous of the Ivory Coast, or Scholeh-sard, a Persian rice pudding with rosewater and saffron. Your choices range from trendy cafés to starred restaurants. To make your selection a little easier, we have compiled some of the most exciting restaurants in Berlin-Mitte. Here you can see at a glance which spots you should definitely visit in Berlin – all located right by GLINT! Enjoy these gastronomic highlights.

Borchardt: Eating like George Clooney

Some restaurants are like magnets for celebrities. These include institutions like Catch LA in Los Angeles, as well as L’Avenue in Paris. In Berlin-Mitte, it is Borchardt that has this special allure for high society. George Clooney, Natalie Portman, Tom Cruise and Barack Obama have all dined here. Despite its exquisite French-Mediterranean menu, Borchardt is best known for its schnitzel. Apparently, even Dustin Hoffman and Kylie Minogue couldn’t get enough of it during their visits to Germany. The prices are also quite reasonable – for around  €25 you can enjoy dinner in one of Berlin’s most famous restaurants. That probably explains why the atmosphere is so relaxed and cosmopolitan.

Grill Royal: For steak and fish fans

If you’d rather have a steak than a schnitzel, Grill Royal is the place for you. It hosts a similar stream of celebrities: Scarlett Johansson has dropped in on a few occasions and Leonardo DiCaprio has also dined here. Even secret services might come to make an inspection, as senior politicians like to dine at Grill Royal, too. However, the faces at neighbouring tables aren’t the only reason to visit. The incredible menu is just as amazing as the Spree waterfront location in Berlin-Mitte. The entrecôte of Australian Wagyu beef is wonderfully tender and the filet mignon is unrivalled. Fish-lovers shouldn’t miss the Canadian lobster, served whole. If you want to experience this level of fine dining yourself and sit side-by-side with models and celebrities, then we recommend a visit during Fashion Week or the Berlinale Film Festival. But don’t forget – you’ll need to make a reservation at least two weeks in advance.

Cookies Cream: A Michelin-starred dream for vegetarians

There’s no doubt: with 16 Gault Millau points and a Michelin star, Cookies Cream is the best vegetarian restaurant in Berlin. However, you need to know how to get there – through a dark storefront next to Komische Oper, you’ll find a door where you need to ring the bell. But all of this secrecy is definitely worth it. Once you’re inside, fans of meat-free cooking can enjoy dishes, such as grilled leek with black sesame or baked aubergine with corn purée. What’s most surprising is that Chef Stephan Hentschel originally specialised in meat-based dishes. Only 12 years ago, at the suggestion of renowned Berlin club personality Heinz “Cookie” Gindullis, did he change direction towards vegetarian fare and has delighted his guests at Behrenstraße 55 ever since. The minimalist industrial design and pumping club music act as centrepieces and work together to create a true Mitte vibe. This is a true gem of the Berlin gastronomy scene!

Pauly Saal: Haute cuisine in a former Jewish girls’ school

Do you enjoy fine dining in unusual places? Then you can’t miss Pauly Saal. This Michelin-starred restaurant is located in the building formerly used as Jewish girls’ school. The gym has since been converted to a dining room. As soon as you enter, your eye will catch the rocket resting above the window to the kitchen. But don’t worry, the creativity of the food doesn’t lag behind the ambience. Menu choices include couscous salad with fennel, ponzu and lemon purée served with semolina balls and yoghurt. If you fancy something heartier, we recommend the salted meadow lamb, complemented by parsley root, aubergine and zucchini – an unusual combination, yet convincing without exaggeration . The dessert of blueberries, yoghurt, white chocolate and rose makes for the perfect finale to an evening of delicious food.

Gastronomy in Berlin: always on the move

Like few other major cities, Berlin’s culinary landscape is constantly changing. New chefs arrive frequently, new restaurants are opening consistently, and established restaurants concepts are being turned on their head. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Berlin-Mitte, the culinary heart of the capital. An apartment in Berlin-Mitte allows you to dive into this exciting world at any time: living in the GLINT complex means you are in the middle of the action and all of the top restaurants are within walking distance. At the same time, you can enjoy a relaxing retreat to wind down. You can experience the best of both worlds – enjoy the culinary highlights of the Berlin restaurant scene while living comfortably in a green oasis.

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