Service at the push of a button with the concierge app

Service at the push of a button with the concierge app

Service at the push of a button with the concierge app 1920 1280 GLINT - BASIS AG

With just one tap you could have someone booking your table at a chic restaurant in Mitte, or taking care of your laundry – that’s GLINT. As a resident at our unique apartment complex in Berlin-Mitte, you will have a concierge service at your disposal around the clock. You can always pick up your phone and call in – or you can easily make requests using our app.

Solving problems always and from everywhere: GLINT's concierge app

Digital concierge service for your smartphone or tablet

Experienced service provider RAS is responsible for the concierge services at GLINT. Founder Raffaele Sorrentino was chief concierge at the famed Adlon Kempinski for over 10 years and has been awarded the title of “World’s best concierge” three times. RAS employees are extremely competent, very discreet and will assist you in anything you cannot or do not wish to do yourself.

You can easily place requests with the RAS team using our app, which facilitates direct communication between residents and the concierge service. Whether you are sitting in a meeting with colleagues or are on a ski trip in the mountains with your family –  you’ll be able to contact RAS at any time with the concierge app.

The concierge app: One application, endless possibilities

A good app has to be intuitive, but also offer useful features at the same time. The concierge app meets both criteria. You’ll have instant access to a variety of practical services:

Register visitors
GLINT has its own reception service. With the app, you can register visitors without even having to pick up the phone.

Shopping service
Sometimes there’s simply no time to do the shopping, other times you might just not want to do it. A tap on your smartphone is enough to get the shopping done.

Dry cleaner and tailor
A red wine stain on your shirt or your jacket is a tad too long? Just open the app and have it handled.

Car care
Whether it’s a high-gloss wash, a tire change or bringing the car in for inspection: It’s all right at your fingertips.

Plant & garden care
You’re travelling and no one’s available to water your plants? Put in a request over the app and RAS will take care of it.

Flower service
The classic: Someone’s birthday is coming up and you need flowers at short notice. Good thing you can get them with the GLINT app.

Local recommendations
The best wine shops, the most charming cafés, the most fascinating galleries – RAS will also help you out with recommendations.

Booking flights and hotels can be tedious – another good reason to delegate with the concierge app.

Catering and event service
Planning to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary? Lean back and call on our all-round service with the app.

Butler service
Guest services, chauffeur services, secretarial tasks – a butler is the perfect helper in the household. With the concierge app, you can book your very own butler within minutes.

The GLINT App provides round-the-clock reachability of a personal concierge.

Quick installation & complete security

Our concierge app for smartphones and tablets is available for free on iTunes and Google Play. After installation, use the login data provided by GLINT to gain easy access to all services and features – anytime, anywhere. All data exchange is encrypted and protected against unauthorized access.

The perks of the concierge app at a glance

Easy to use
A self-explanatory user interface and intuitive controls.

High flexibility
Book services wherever, whenever.

Extensive services
Book anything from simple shopping services to special requests.

Guaranteed privacy
Complete encryption of all data transfer.

Would you like to know more about our concierge app and further benefits of a residence at GLINT? Send us a message or call us directly – we look forward to hearing from you!

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