A true oasis: The GLINT Berlin courtyard

A true oasis: The GLINT Berlin courtyard

A true oasis: The GLINT Berlin courtyard 1920 2304 GLINT - BASIS AG

Ranging from large and opulent to small and simple, from hidden and overgrown to vast, open and lined with magnificent flowerbeds: Berlin boasts more courtyards than any other city in Germany, and nowhere else are these unique retreats more colorful or versatile. These are the places where people come together in this metropolis on the river Spree. One such courtyard oasis is currently in the making at GLINT – an exclusive Wilhelmine complex of high quality apartments in Berlin-Mitte.

The inner courtyard in GLINT is a true oasis in the city centre of Berlin.

The courtyards of Berlin: A legacy of Wilhelmine Germany

Berlin’s courtyards are the unofficial symbol of the storied capital city. A quick glance into any guidebook will prove as much: Every serious publication includes a section on the hidden backyards of Berlin. All the more surprising that little is known about their history.

In the second half of the 19th century, the number of courtyards increased dramatically, that much is clear. Tenements sprouted around Berlin to cope with the rapid growth in population at the time. With them came courtyards, connecting the front and back portions of these apartment complexes. The atmosphere was mostly drab, especially in comparison to the elegant courtyards and magnificent structures in the city center. The courtyards became a regular meeting place for residents and a space for everyday activities. At the end of the 1990s, Berlin’s courtyards were given new life Investors, local clubs and organizations restored and transformed these historic symbols into what they are today: spaces of tranquillity and recreation in one of the world’s most exciting cities.

More light, more green, more quality: The GLINT courtyard

As an exclusive residential complex, GLINT combines the charisma of the Wilhelmine era with the cosmopolitan charm of contemporary Berlin. The courtyard is an important piece of the puzzle: situated in between the elaborately restored, historic buildings and the new structure, it functions as a bridge between the past and the present, both symbolically and architecturally. Designed by the renowned von Bothmer architects, this oasis is characterised by openness, light and fascinating visual axes. The stark contrast between historic clinker bricks on the court facades and the whitewashed stone lining the modern building is particularly eye catching. The individual stones form intricate patterns, showcasing an interesting historical detail.

In addition, there are lovely artistic details to discover in the numerous old niches and garden areas, as well as greenery planted on several elevated plateaus. Ornamental plants, such as juneberry, hosta and exotic ferns, provide beautiful accents. Hydrangeas snaking up the walls delight the eye: these picturesque, lush green climbing plants bloom with delicate white flowers, are winterproof, reach a length of up to 15 meters and create a soothing atmosphere.

Beautifully designed and full of green - the courtyard in GLINT guarantee a place of piece and quietness.

A green oasis where you can meet up and slow down

The GLINT courtyard is a small, unexpected paradise. The perfect place to read your newspaper, enjoy a cappuccino or cup of tea, relax after a hard day’s work or simply sit back and enjoy the view, leaving the hustle and bustle of the capital behind.

The courtyard is also a place that brings people together. As a transition between the private and public spaces, the courtyard is a place for residents to meet – deliberately or by chance – to chat, exchange recommendations or make plans together. The courtyard and the fireplace lounge help us counteract the challenges of anonymity that are common in a major metropolis like Berlin. GLINT is not just the place where you live – GLINT is your home.

Would you like to know more about our green courtyard and other benefits of a residence at GLINT? Write us a message or call us directly – we look forward to hearing from you!

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