Welcome home: the GLINT fireplace lounge

Welcome home: the GLINT fireplace lounge

Welcome home: the GLINT fireplace lounge 1920 1357 GLINT - BASIS AG

The fireplace lounge was one the most important rooms in Wilhelmine era mansions. It served as an reception room for guests and as a quiet retreat after a busy day. In winter time, the entire family gathered here to listen to the crackling fire and to tell stories. At GLINT, we want to revive this tradition for you: the apartment ensemble in Berlin-Mitte has a fireplace lounge for its residents. Whether you’re looking for a quiet retreat or a real sense of community, the fireplace lounge allows you to relax in a charming space reminiscent of the Wilhelmine era.

The fireplace lounge in GLINT will be the meeting point for residents and guests.

A refuge from the hustle and bustle

Berlin is booming. Every year, tens of thousands of people move to the metropolis on the river Spree – in addition to the tens of millions of tourists that visit. Large corporations have settled in the city and ambitious new startups are founded every day. More than 20 one and two Michelin star restaurants are located here, and Berlin is a paradise for the culturally minded: From the Pergamon Museum to the Volksbühne or the Philharmonic Hall – no other German city has such a wide range of museums, theatres and concert halls.

With so much to discover, the city is full to the brim excitement. That makes it all the more important to have a refuge from it when you need it. The fireplace lounge at GLINT is that refuge: Not far from the entrance, you will discover a calming space with dimmed lighting, warm, earthy colours and tastefully selected art. Furnished with elegant wingback chairs and wooden benches, the fireplace lounge conjures images from the Wilhelmine era. The highlight is the open fire place at the center of the room: The flickering flames have a calming effect – all of a sudden, the raging metropolis seems very far away.

A place that creates a community spirit for residents and guests: the fireplace room in GLINT

Relax and receive guests

With all its cosy ambience, the fireplace lounge is the perfect place to relax, read a good book and watch the peacefully flickering fire. It is also perfect for house guests. If you are expecting company, but aren’t available to receive them, the lounge is a great spot to bridge the time. Simply announce your guest with the concierge app, and the concierge service will show your guests to the fireplace lounge.

A place to feel at home

Millions of people live right next to each other, but hardly know one another. Like any other metropolis, Berlin is not only hectic, but can often feel anonymous as well. As one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, its hallmark today is fast-paced change, often at the cost of building long-term relationships. At GLINT, we strive to be the exception: We want to give our residents the opportunity to get to know one another.

The fireplace lounge is central to this idea. Just like our courtyard, it is not only meant as a quiet retreat for individuals, but also as a meeting place for the community. For a spontaneous chat with the neighbors, relaxing after work or a low-key celebration – the fireplace lounge is the perfect place for community spirit. Because GLINT is not just where you live, GLINT is home.

Do you want to discover more about our fireplace lounge and other benefits for GLINT residents? Send us a message or call us directly – we look forward to hearing from you!

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