Green living in Berlin-Mitte

Green living in Berlin-Mitte

Green living in Berlin-Mitte 1920 1080 GLINT - BASIS AG

GLINT hast been awarded a gold pre-certification by the German Council for Sustainable Building (DGNB). It’s a great honor – the DGNB system of evaluation is globally regarded as a leading benchmark in sustainability. Only structures and living quarters whose sustainability can be substantiated by objective criteria are awarded this prestigious certificate. The Wilhelmine apartment complex in Berlin-Mitte particularly impressed with its construction, energy and mobility concepts.  

A property in Berlin that is future oriented: the sustainable apartments in GLINT

Paving the road to the future of building

Sustainability used to be an afterthought, today it is on top of every agenda. Taking steps to ensure that future generations are not placed in a worse position is becoming an increasingly prevalent practice, especially in construction and housing: Many property developers and owners think carefully about the materials they use in order to protect the environment and guarantee the highest quality of living at the same time.

GLINT is leading the way toward a sustainable future, bringing together a historical architecture with well thought-out modern construction concepts. From the renovation of the facades to the interior design, we use high-quality materials that mainly come from sustainable production sources, ensuring high levels of environmental sustainability and a long service life. In addition, our apartments are designed according to our Universal Design Principles. We create a foundation for green living, while providing excellent comfort at the same time.

GLINT’s holistic energy concept  

A comprehensive energy concept is an important building block for green living. Nuclear energy or fossil fuels such as brown and hard coal may be readily available, but are not particularly environmentally friendly. GLINT’s energy is predominantly sourced from eco-friendly power suppliers and directly from our own sources: A photovoltaic system placed discreetly on the roofs of the residential complex transforms solar energy into all-natural power.

For heating and hot water, GLINT relies on district heating which uses excess heat produced during power generation. While regular power plants simply dissipate excess heat, plants employing heat and power cogeneration supply it to the district heating network and directly to residences. The entire process is much cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly than conventional methods of heat generation.

The apartments in GLINT guarantee green living in the middle of Berlin.

Sustainability on the road with e-bikes and charging stations

Mobility is a core concept for green living. GLINT residents have access to a fleet of e-bikes. Electric bicycles are ideal alternatives to cars and a perfect fit for a city like Berlin. They are environmentally friendly and good for your health – although they are electric, you still have to pedal sometimes.

In addition, residents have access to around 15 parking spaces with charging stations in the underground car park. Electric vehicle owners can charge their cars quickly and comfortably with power from renewable sources.

How to live green

GLINT offers the perfect framework for green living, but it’s still down to every one of us to make a difference. We’ve put together a list of five tips to make your everyday life more sustainable:

Heat efficiently
Avoid permanently tilted windows and high temperatures. Rely on quick burst ventilation instead and aim for a constant room temperature around 20 degrees Celsius. Our smart home systems [link to smart home] can help you heat efficiently.

Use energy-efficient household appliances
Avoid washing machines and refrigerators that consume a lot of energy – protect the environment and your wallet with household appliances rated as energy efficiency class A+++ or higher.

Furnish sustainably
Avoid furniture made from tropical timbers and opt for local sources. Our concierge app [link to the app page] provides recommendations for sustainable carpenters and furniture retailers in Berlin.

Switch off unused devices
Do not leave the TV, stereo, or other electronics in stand-by mode – switch off devices completely or use power strips with a switch.

Opt for reusable products
Minimise the use of disposable products and plastic bags. Use glass bottles, cloth bags and other alternatives with more longevity and less waste.

Would you like to know more about our concept of green living and other benefits of a residence at GLINT? Write us a message or call us directly – we look forward to hearing from you!

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