Universal design: More than barrier-free living

Universal design: More than barrier-free living

Universal design: More than barrier-free living 1920 1359 GLINT - BASIS AG

Beautiful rooms, tasteful furniture, chic accessoires: For true comfort, the design has to be just right. But the usability and practicality of the interior design and technology are equally important. The GLINT residential complex in Berlin-Mitte combines style and aesthetics with universal design: barrier-free living taken to the next level. With this design approach, people of all ages and physical requirements can enjoy the utmost comfort.

A combination of style and aesthetics with an barrier-free living taken to the next level.

From accessibility to universal design

Accessibility has been incorporated in German law for many years and is regulated by DIN standards. It enables seniors, persons with physical disabilities and persons with small children to lead independent lives and aims to compensate for any disadvantages. A building or apartment is considered barrier-free if all premises, including the surrounding area, are accessible and usable without outside help. Wheelchair ramps are a good example of barrier-free living, as they enable wheelchair users to act independently without having to depend on others.

Universal design follows in the footsteps of accessibility, but goes a step further. As the name implies, universal design does not target a specific group of people, but rather aims for solutions that benefit any user, regardless of size, age, gender or physical constitution. Universal spaces and systems are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, ideally without customization. For example, wide doors are designed so that everyone can easily use them – from small children to seniors with bulky walkers.

How universal design is implemented at GLINT

As a GLINT resident, you can experience the benefits of universal design first-hand. No matter if it’s a rooftop, residence or studio – all apartments are accessible via elevators. The spacious rooms are equipped with wide passageways to allow full freedom of movement. The non-slip floors in the living areas and the transition areas to balcony and terrace are threshold-free. In the bathrooms, all shower cabins are ground level and the doors open to the outside, enabling wheelchair access.  

Smart home systems perfectly complement universal design. Heating, windows and other apartment features are interconnected and can be controlled remotely via smartphone or tablet. Everyday tasks can also be automated. Rather than adjusting the blinds manually in the summertime as the sun moves throughout the day, the smart home system can take over with just a few inputs and automate the task.

Designed for sustainability

GLINT’s barrier-free design is part of a sustainability concept that was awarded the gold pre-certificate by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). By incorporating universal design principles and ensuring the inclusion of the broadest diversity of potential residents, GLINT has created a framework for intergenerational living. The apartments are designed to be a place where residents and their families can live comfortably – today and tomorrow.

The universal design of GLINT apartments provide more than a barrier-free living.

The perks of universally designed apartments at a glance

100 % accessibility
All rooms and areas can be used independently without help.

Spacious interior
All rooms offer plenty of space and are easily accessible, even with assistive devices such as walkers.

High flexibility
The apartments offer great adaptability and are tailored to the residents’ individual needs.

Easy to use
From bathroom fittings to smart home technology – all systems are intuitive and easy to understand.

Excellent safety
Threshold-free movement and a barrier-free bathroom ensure, that all residents will feel at home.

Would you like to learn more about universal design and other advantages of a residence at GLINT? Send us a message or call us directly – we look forward to hearing from you!

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