Smart home systems for improved quality of life

Smart home systems for improved quality of life

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Whether studio, residence or rooftop – all apartments at GLINT are equipped with modern smart home systems. For good reason: We want you to feel safe and comfortable at all times. In addition, high quality technology can help increase the value of your property.

Smart living in GLINT: The benefits of smart home systems

How a smart home simplifies your everyday life

Welcome to the future of living with smart home technology. Also known as a ‘connected‘ or ‘intelligent‘ home, this technology is a true lifestyle innovation. It allows you to control home appliances, security features and multimedia systems easily from a computer, smartphone or tablet – at home or on the go.

In addition, devices can be connected with each other to automate recurring activities. Just think of your morning routine: switching on the lights, opening the blinds, making coffee – in the past these were isolated tasks done by hand. Smart home simplifies your day. Once it’s programmed, the technology will automate all of these steps. You can wake up and start your day more relaxed than ever.

GLINT: Live better, live intelligently

GLINT combines the charm of yesteryear with the technologies of today. All our lovingly restored apartments feature modern smart home systems that make your life easier and more comfortable. Out shopping with friends and forgot to turn on the washing machine? No problem, one tap on your smartphone is enough. Would you like to come home every night after work to your perfect room temperature, gently dimmed lights and your favourite music? A few presets entered on your computer or mobile device will activate the time controlled scenario of your choosing.

Security is also covered within a smart home. The smart home technology in your apartment will immediately send a message to your smartphone or tablet in the event of an unusual incident. This will allow you to respond instantly, for example, by contacting our concierge service or your neighbors. Finally, our data protection measures ensure digital security. All systems are fully encrypted and optimally protected against unauthorized access.

GLINT Smart-Apartments: An investment in tomorrow

Rising energy prices and strict regulations – many homeowners will have to carry out costly renovations to make their properties more energy efficient in the future. With GLINT’s smart apartments, you’re playing it safe: The apartments are specifically designed in accordance with our special sustainability principles. In addition, they consume less energy due to intelligent lighting control and efficient heating systems, which pay off greatly in the long run.

A Wakefield Research study suggests that more and more tenants will be interested in smart apartments in the coming years. The investment benefit is three-fold with GLINT apartments: Through the intelligent connectivity of household appliances, not only will your quality of life and energy management improve, but the value of your property will also appreciate.

The perks of our smart apartments at a glance

More Comfort
Feel-good atmosphere through automation and detailed individual automation scenarios.

More Security
Added protection against burglary, fire and water damage.

More Freedom
Independent control of the technology via smartphone or tablet on the go.

More Efficiency
Intelligent lighting and heating systems, saving resources and costs.

More Value
Appreciation of your property through embedded future-oriented technologies.

Guaranteed Privacy
All systems and data are securely encrypted and protected against outside access.

Smart-Home-System from Busch-Jaeger in GLINT Berlin

Would you like to know more about smart home systems and other benefits of a residence at GLINT? Write us a message or call us directly – we look forward to hearing from you!

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