Electric bicycles: Included for GLINT residents

Electric bicycles: Included for GLINT residents

Electric bicycles: Included for GLINT residents 1920 1280 GLINT - BASIS AG

What once drew suspicion as an effective method of transportation is now welcomed as an important contribution to the new age of sustainability: e-bikes. For several years, electric bicycle sales have been booming with no end in sight, especially in the metropolitan centers: locals and tourists, teenagers and seniors, top managers and students – they are all enthusiastic about many advantages of using e-bikes. As a GLINT resident, you can try it for yourself: GLINT maintains a small fleet of electric bicycles and offers secure parking spots with charging stations.

Cycling in Berlin with the electric bicycles provided for GLINT residents.

Why e-bikes are the perfect city vehicle

Clogged streets, accidents, not a parking space in sight: Anyone traveling by car in the city these days is used to congestion and delays. E-bikes solve all of these problems: They are more flexible than regular bicycles, street-legal as well as bike-lane-legal, bypass traffic jams and narrow alleys easily and never lack for a parking space. In addition, they help put an end to inner city pollution: As an electrically powered means of transport, their CO² and exhaust emissions are close to zero.

Riding an e-bike also has a positive effect on your health. E-bikes are hybrid vehicles – you’ll still have to push the pedals, and the effects are remarkable. Studies show that electric bicycle users are as fit as regular cyclists. Cycling on a regular basis also improves the psyche, as well as blood pressure and fat metabolism. And if at any point you miss the good old days of cycling, the e-bike transforms into a regular bike at the push of a button.

Practical and environmentally friendly: The e-bikes at GLINT

At GLINT you will have access to our fleet of e-bikes as part of our attractive service package. All the bikes are shared property of GLINT residents and available to around the clock. You can use the bikes as needed and we will take care of the maintenance. All bikes are housed in an underground car park below the residential area. There are also more bike racks for those who already own an e-bike, as well as charging stations for electric cars. Surveillance cameras and our in-house concierge service ensure optimal protection against theft at all times.

E-bikes can only help improve the environment if they are powered by electricity from renewable energy sources. As proponents of a green living and mobility concept, we primarily source the electricity for our e-bikes from environmentally friendly providers and our highly efficient photovoltaic system.

An electric bicycle fleet is provided for GLINT residents.

All the perks of our electric bikes at a glance

More flexibility
On short trips up to 6 kilometres, e-bikes often outperform cars.
More speed
With electric assistance, e-bikes will travel at up to 25 kilometres per hour.
More stamina
E-bikes are ideal for routes with headwinds or inclines.

More comfort
No more sweaty clothes on the way to work.

More environmentally friendly
E-bikes are silent and pollution-free.

More fitness
Regular bicycling improves performance and mood.

Would you like to know more about e-bikes and the other benefits of a residence at GLINT? Write us a message or call us directly – we look forward to hearing from you!

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